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Typing Services and Editorial Services


Did you know that Sage Words Services also provides manuscript publication services too? Please visit our Publishing page for more information. Depending on the genre and quality of work, we may offer a contract for publication. We will still love to type your manuscript if we are not accepting your genre or you wish to publish with another publisher. If we offer a contract we pay all expenses to publish your work including, typing, editing, cover design, print and distribution costs.

We are actively looking for manuscripts in the following genres. Westerns, Historical, Native American, Mystery, and Paranormal. GBLT themed manuscripts are welcome. We will not publish any work above the R rating. If you would like us to consider your work, send an e-mail to and include the first three chapters, a query letter, and a marketing plan for your work. Sage Words Services

Providing full-service editing, layout, copy editing, and manuscript typing; we can also build your custom Web Site or provide consultation on existing sites. We have been designing Web Sites Since 1997. Our sites are simple to maintain and load quickly. We can provide your site as a turnkey, where we deliver it to you and you maintain and load your site onto your server. We also offer full-service web hosting and maintenance for your site at fantastic rates.

Why choose Sage Words Services?

We use state of the art, voice recognition software to ensure your typing project is error-free. Then our editing staff will go over the work to ensure it is the quality product you expect...

The answer is simple. Reasonable rates for outstanding service. Whether you are looking for an edit of an article, to full-service editing, layout and formatting your manuscript, printing your report or thesis on top quality paper; Sage Words Services is your one-stop choice. We are confident enough in our prices that we run our competitions ads on the left side of our page. Give them a look, shop and come back to Sage Words Services.

We have no minimum size project. We also offer express typing with same day service. Discover you need a document typed, or scanned and converted at 9 pm for a presentation in the morning? No problem, we often can provide same-day or evening turnaround of your project.

 It is our pleasure to provide free quotes and a rapid response to your queries.

Sage Words Services also provides a full range of editing, proofreading, manuscript typing and layout services for novels, books, term papers, resumes, etc. Handwritten manuscripts are our specialty.