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Standard fee is thirty dollars an hour, ten-hour minimum for the initial set-up, design, and configuring of your site. If your site will require more than ten hours for initial set up and configuration we will provide an estimate of the charges via e-mail before work continues past ten hours. After initial set-up, design and configuration, any work to your site is billed at thirty dollars an hour as needed to make changes. Changes will be made within five working days of acceptance of terms.

As part of initial set up and configuration we make your site easy to navigate. This allows for rapid site loading while the graphics come up faster as well. This is important for those who still have dial up service. It allows them to see your page while the graphics are loading so they can decide to go to another page if needed for information.

We offer an optional thirty dollars a month maintenance fee. Up to five changes per month can be made under the thirty-dollar maintenance fee. Changes in addition to the five per month will be billed at thirty-dollars an hour in half hour increments. Example: Eight changes that take an hour and a half would be billed at forty-five dollars for the month instead of the thirty-dollar maintenance fee. Changes will be made within twenty-four hours of notification. Changes or modification's required as a result of our error, will be corrected within twenty-four hours of notification at no cost.

Change requests can be made any day of the week and will be implemented within twenty-four hours.

Initial charges with Sage Words Services are for domain transfer ($14.95) and initial set up ($20.00) and that is it.

We recommend the twelve dollars and ninety-five cents a month package. That gives you ten gigabytes of bandwidth a month, two hundred megabytes of disk storage and up to one hundred e-mail accounts. If you pay for the entire year in advance we will waive the twenty dollar set up fee. Our e-mail accounts come with SPAM protection.

For four hundred seventy dollars and thirty-five cents, you will receive my first ten hours, one year of domain service Sage Words Services, one additional year added to your domain name registration and 100 e-mail accounts. After initial set up or reconfiguration you can then choose a monthly maintenance fee, pay by the hour at $30 an hour for changes or updates, or chose to make your own changes are our services are completed.

In the event I am out of town or unavailable to make changes I will notify you within twenty-four hours and will provide an estimated date that I will be able to update your site.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please e-mail me at jake@sagewordsservices.com

Wanishi (Thank you)
The Staff at Sage Words Services.
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