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We are actively looking for manuscripts in the following genres. Westerns, Historical, Native American, Mystery, and Paranormal. GBLT themed manuscripts are welcome. We will not publish any work above R rating. If you would like us to consider your work, please see our submission quidelines at Sage Words Publishing and click on the submissions link.

Manuscript Publishing

We also edit, and type manuscripts,for publication elsewhere. Erotica is acceptable, porn is not.

Publishing Rates If we accept your manuscript for publication we cover all costs to publish your work. If we provide the book cover our royalty is 50%. If you provide cover artwork that is acceptable to Sage Words Services, we will lower our royalty to 40%. Publishing is done through Create Space, and distribution is through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Books In Print, catalog, and are available as E-books through a number of reader formats. Books can be ordered by any book store as well as on-line. Your contract will also include an author's personal page on our publishing web site.

Recently Published

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