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Providing full service publishing. We have branched out, due to popular demand. We have expanded our business to Sage Words Publishing. If you have a manuscript that you would like to have considered please visit our publishing website by clicking on the link at the end of this paragraph. If we put your manuscript on contract, we provide full publishing, cover art design, printing and distribution. Visit our Publishing website for the latest books published, put on contract and currently in print.

Our latest signed authors are Hawk MacKinny and Ed Nessle. Visit our publishing site at Sage Words Publishing for our latest releases and news about what new novel is soon to be released. Providing full service editing, layout, copy editing and manuscript typing. We do not edit or type Mature content. We do accept work up to an R-Rating. Erotica and GBLT themed books are also accepted.

We can also build your custom Web Site or provide consultation on existing sites. We have been designing Web Sites Since 1997. Our sites are simple to maintain and load quickly. We can host your site or we can provide your site as a turnkey, where we deliver it to you and you maintain and load your site onto your server. We also offer full service web hosting and maintenance for your site at fantastic rates.

Why choose Sage Words Services?
The answer is simple. Reasonable rates for outstanding service. Whether you are looking for an edit of an article, to full service editing, layout and formatting of your manuscript, printing your report or thesis on top quality paper; Sage Words Services is your one stop choice. We are confident enough in our prices that we run our competitions ads on the left side of our page. Give them a look, shop around and come back to Sage Words Services.

All work is completed on-site in our offices and not farmed out to other companies, or off-shore.

Our customer service is fast and provides service with a smile. We are only an e-mail or a phone call away.

We design custom banners and logos for your company or organization at reasonable rates. It is our pleasure to provide free quotes and rapid response to your queries.

Sage Words Services provides a full range of editing, proofreading, manuscript typing and layout services for novels, books, term papers, resumes etc. Handwritten manuscripts are our specialty.

Current projects in work that will be published soon.

Annie's World II

Owner Jake George, is also an accomplished author. Jake's latest release is "Good Night My Sweet Baboo", and was written after his and wife's smooth collie, Moriah, had to be put to sleep after a stroke. It is the history of pet domestication and how they have worked their way into our hearts. It outlines pet history, what happens when a pet is put down and has a number of stories from other pet owners who had to put their pets to sleep or crossed over due to natural causes.

Jake's books, are available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com or from a book store near you. If they do not have them in stock they can order them for you or you can ask that they be carried at you favorite book store.

Please visit our writing tips link at the top of the page for pointers on how to get published, to tips on how to best configure your writing program to suit your writing style. We look forward to hearing from you.

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