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MANUSCRIPT EDITING For a free estimate please e-mail your first two chapters or 4,000 words for an evaluation and estimate to edit your work. Send the e-mail to jake@sagewordsservices.com as a word document or in Rich Text Format. Or you may send them via U.S. Mail to the address under the contacts tab at the top of the page. If you desire your copies mailed back to you, please include an envelope and return postage. We will return your work with edits and an estimate to complete your writing project.

PROOFREADING involves the identification and correction of typographical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, and formatting inconsistencies. Prices start at $2.00 a page for proofreading, pages double spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman.

COPYEDITING covers the same areas, but may include grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tone, and format. Copyediting starts at $3.00 a page.

SUBSTANTIVE EDITING (moderate to heavy) seeks to achieve clarity of subject, logic, and consistency. Confusing and awkward writing may be reworked. Sentences are analyzed for structure/syntax. Long sentences may be rewritten. Reviewing your work for inconsistencies in story line to ensure uniformity. Submit sample three chapters for an estimate.

FORMATTING When required, style revisions will be suggested or implemented (e.g., page numbers, margins, headings, spacing, indentations/paragraphs, quotes, references, citations, footnotes/ endnotes).

Estimates can be provided on text already in a computer format (received via e-mail) via e-mail within forty-eight hours.

Requests for estimates received via mail will require a good readable copy (no originals please) and can be provided via response by e-mail or via self addressed stamped envelope provided by the sender with sufficient postage for return of a quote. All manuscripts not contracted for will be destroyed via shredder unless return postage is included for your manuscript with your request for quote.

Your estimate will also provide a time schedule for completion of your writing project.

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